Summer is the perfect season to discover the treasures and charm of Val di Sole landscape. The best way to do it? Walking and savouring the colours, sounds and fragrances of nature that will disclose step by step. “Walking peacefully” is the motto with wich every morning we organise easy walkings for people of all ages, savouring the pleasure of walking surrounded by nature of Val di Sole, with no hurry. Some of these walkings are:

Among all there are some tours specifically thought for your children: the visit to the Stelvio National Park faunistic area, that hosts many deers and roe deers; the visit to the Farm, where you can observe how to milk cows and goats, and taste some local products such as cheese, speck and “luganeghe” salami; and many more. Amusing, educational and tasty experiences!

For those who prefer more demanding excursions, Val di Sole offers many treks to explore the high mountain huts and the most beautiful lakes, with the possibility to be accompanied by an Alpine Guide. Even the Nordic Walking enthusiasts will find an abundant web of paths for beginners and experts.