Snowshoeing excursions in Val di Sole

Natual continuation of the summer excursionism, the snowshoeing excursions are an ideal alternative for people who prefer to practice other activities than skiing and for people who cannot ski. The snowshoes are easy to use and don’t need any specific technique, allowing everyone to penetrate the white magic of a snowy mountain.

The snowshoeing excursions are the best way to concentrate on fun and to discover the secret aspects of nature: the animal footprints in the snow, the resistance to low temperatures of some plants, or interpreting the starry sky during a moonlight walk. It is always possible to visit the Stelvio National Park, accompanied by a “park guide”. In addition to admire the abundance of animal and plant species, it is possible to appreciate the anthropological aspects of a rural culture in balance with the environment.

Val di Sole offers many itineraries of different difficulties that allow to immerse yourself in the silence and allure of the snowy landscapes, experiencing new sensations and enjoying an almost untouched environment.