Pejo traditions and sites

Many proposals to explore the customs and traditions of Pejo and the valley.

Val di Pejo, and Val di Sole in general, does not offer just sports, nature and wellness, but a vast historic and tradition heritage. At the Hotel we will provide you with all the information to discover and appreciate these tiny gems scattered around the territory.

Some proposals? In Pejo Paese there is the San Giorgio church, on which bell tower appears the huge San Cristoforo fresco painted by Baschenis brothers in 1484, and Casa Grazioli, a home-museum that testifies the evolution of the farmers life of the last centuries.

Also, there are many evidences of the First World War: the Guerra Bianca museum in Pejo Paese, a few minutes far Dosso di San Rocco “safeguarding” the chapel of the patron saint of the infected and the Austro-Hungarian cemetery. From S. Rocco, at the beginning of the Val del Monte, you can glimpse at the Forte Barba di Fior ruins (of the beginning of 1900), that you can easily reach from the road that goes to the Pian Palù dam. In many places of Val di Sole and Trentino you can find organized excursions with the participation of an historian who will reconstruct the events that have taken place in that specific area.

Besides the wartime memories, during Winter and particularly during Christmas time, the villages light up with a white charm. The traditional decorations, the Christmas carols, the taste of the celebration cakes, the nativities and the local markets will wrap you up in a warm and memorable atmosphere.