Stelvio National Park

A suggestive holiday into the heart of the Stelvio National Park.

In our Hotel you could spend your holiday surrounded by the splendors of the Stelvio National Park, established in 1935, 135.000 hectares wide, that makes it the more extended protected area in Italy. The area in Trentino comprises the lateral valley of Val di Sole, Val di Rabbi and Val di Pejo, with an approximately extension of 19.900 hectares.

The Park commitment consists in monitoring and protecting the animals, plants and beauties of the Otles-Cevedale mountain range landscape, to promote a sustainable tourism, to spread values such as the environment safeguard and the love of nature.

Stelvio National Park is an ideal holiday destination in each month. The Park comprehends a wide morphological and ecosystems variety, with big differences in altitude (from 650 to 3900 metres above sea level) and an extraordinary variety of environments. There are more than two thousand species of flowers and plants in this natural oasis, whereas from the faunistic point of view a lot of species find their ideal habitat: from large ungulate as deers, roe deers, chamoises and steinbocks, to foxes, from squirrels to stoats, from capercaillies to the majestic eagles and bearded vultures.

Also, it is possible to appreciate the historical and cultural aspects of the territory: the typical mountain barns, the Alpine farmhouses, the traditional cheese factories, scattered in the valley floor and on the mountain sides, they represent a fascinating proof of the rural architecture in complete balance with the environment. It is possible to visit the Park and the Faunistic Area of Pejo Fonti accompanied by the “Park guides” (15 min far from our Hotel Residence).